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the fact that president obama insured americans that those who like their plans would be able to keep them. the head of covered california says many of those with individual insured plans will soon be getting cancellation notices. the they first said they would be grandfathered in, but an exclusion was later added so now any plans lose their grandfathered status. those who do lose their coverage but they will likely pay a lot more. >>> people with spending less this year on halloween costumes due in part to the obamacare fallout and the government shut down. they estimate americans will spend about a billion dollars less on costumes, masks and decorations. psychologist kate yaro says lower halloween sales are good indicators that the all- important holiday sell will fall short. >> it is showing us consumers are a little bit wary and guarded. >> she says while holiday sales will not be like last year's banner season, they won't be as bad as years with high unemployment. >> in case we have to evacuate, we have a plan of attack. ♪ with no exits on this airplane, exits the in the front. >> a
are skeptical. president obama promised americans who liked their insurance could keep it. it's not always the case. she received a letter from her current insurance provider telling her under the new law she'll have to sign up for different coverage costing hundreds per month. >> where is the money for that? >> how much would it be a month for you? >> it's $317 per month. >> she plans to appeal her rejection for government subsidised health coverage. given the problems with the website, she fears it could take months to sort out her claim, leaving her potentially uninsured and frustrated. >> now, former massachusetts gf nor and presidential candidate mitt romney took to facebook to criticise president obama's roll out saying: and he said: >> a former health care advisor to mitt romney, and a senior fellow at the manhattan institute - he was at the hearing on capitol hill and is back to new york tonight. thank you for being here. i assume you agree with your friend mitt romney. >> i do. that is something that has been misunderstood by a lot of people that a state-based solution is differen
're in a tough position. >> i'm just telling the truth. most americans want obama care to work. they think republicans should stop erasing the guy. >> wait a minute, arguably -- >> why should we stop harassing the white house? they were intentional deceitful with premiums not going up. now why shouldn't we be able to give the white house a hard time? >> absolutely. especially when you're right. democratic senator max baucus compared obama care to humpty dumpty. it's more like a humpty dump. the best argument to big government is big government. that's why it's important that you can't just talk about the website. part of this mountain of misery with obama care. the cancellations. the sticker shock. the epemployer mandate. the only thing that worked was obama's golf swing. once the website gets fixed, the media's going to say, everything's fine. that's where the republicans have to start saying, no, it's not just about the website. the website was 1 of 17 problems. >> hold on, you brought up max baucus. can i play max actually doing that nursery rhyme? hit it, max. >> let's just see how muc
remains under fire because of president obama's promise that if americans liked their health insurance plan, they could keep it. but according to the associated press, at least 3.5 million americans have already been issued cancellation notices from their health insurance provid s providers. that number is likely to go up as data from half the states still remains unavailable. and there is a report white house officials debated the health care pledge back in 2009 in the likelihood that every american would in fact be able to keep their coverage. yesterday former white house adviser david axelrod defendeded the president on "meet the press". >> why did not you or somebody else say to him, mr. president, don't say no matter what you're going to keep your health care plan? was that bad practice? >> hindsight is 20/20. >> that's why you're there. >> the vast majority of americans, that statement will hold true for. for this small group, it hasn't. but the calamitous thing is that the website wasn't up because many of those people who have to transition will get better insurance for less m
achievement is obama care. and he won reelection, at least partly on the fact that the american people believed in his policy vision, including that victory. now it needs to be implemented and they have this huge probable with the web site. beyond the web site is this whole idea of being able to shop and choose your health care policy. and then after that, it's going to be health care delivery. i think the american people, if you look at the president's approval ratings, are very concerned with what they see. >> so julia, the president was in boston earlier this week touting health care and complimenting romney for that state's health departmentcare law only to say that the president should have learned better from massachusetts. so is the president being up staged by all of this criticism? >> no, i think this is sour grapes. another example of republicans overplaying their hand when romney had a very similar plap imp lechlt implemented in massachusetts. most of the people went on to the medicaid program. it's very simple what's happening at the federal level. keep in mind, it does not
. walmart has worked in the past wtih first lady michelle obama to encourage americans to eat healthy on a food-stamp budget. shares of the container store nearly doubled on the first day of trading. shares priced above range at $18 late thursday and jumped to $36 at the open of friday's trade. the retailer raised $225 million in its ipo. the container store sells shelving, filing cabinets, storage bins, and other products to organize homes and businesses. it has no direct competitors other than discount chains such as walmart. shares of the container store closed at $36.22 more questions are being asked by federal regulators about trading and hiring practices at jp morgan chase. the u.s. department of justice along with other agencies are investigating the banks hiring in hong kong. the firm is also admits-- it's facing a probe into currency trading, possible manipulation of foreign exchange rates and it's connection to the bernie maddoff ponzi scheme. the investigations are in the early stages. jp morgan officials are cooperating with authorities. auto sales revved up in october. s
the easiest part of obama care, what does that say to the american people about the price? and delivery of the care? that has ylt to befall the american people. it is sdraftous as the roll out. >> some say it is the tip of the iceberg. most of it is beneath water. axelrod said most will not lose their coveraging. watch for a change in talking points. thank you both. >> thank you guys. bill, i am still trying to log on. >> how is it going? >> still can't get in can't get in this new jersey. >> ohio, system is down. >> sending an error message. >> we have 19 minutes left in the show. >> we can make it happen. >> as you know, the web site is glitchy. we'll talk to a tech expert about whether your private information is safe once you log on. >> the man convicted of killing michael jackson is a free man and given a midnight release. >> we the jury in the above enteelthsed action find the defendant conrad robert murray guilty of the crimes of involuntary manslaughter. huh...fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. yep, everybody knows that. well
go through a number of times president obama actually made that statement. looked the american people in the eye trying to sell his health care plan and guaranteed them if they liked their health care plan, they're going to be able to keep it. on march 6, 2009, he said -- this is an exact quote -- "if somebody has insurance they like, they should be able to keep that insurance. if they have a doctor they like, they should be able to keep that doctor." then on may 11, 2009, "americans must have the freedom to keep whatever doctor and health care plan they have." on june 2, 2009, "if they like the coverage they have now, they can keep it. it." that was in a letter to senate democrat leaders. on june 11, 2009, president obama said, "americans must have the freedom to keep whatever doctor and health care plan they have." on june 15, 2009, this is probably the most famous one that i remember, president obama in an address to the american medical association said, "if you like your doctor, you'll be able to keep your doctor, peri period." "if you like your health care plan, you'll be able t
obama care is on display and the american people are troubled. >> joe, just to be clear, krauthammer is not saying it is president obama's legacy. this would make people turn away from the american liberalism because it proves big government doesn't work. is he overstating it? >> i don't think he is in the sense of health care. democrats are trying to get health care since harry trumman called for it 70 years ago. so, if it does self destruct, there is no doubt it will set back a key liberal cause i am sure for a decade but it will impact. on the other hand, it works the opposite way, too if it works, the republicans will be on the wrong side of history like they were on medicare and other programs that they opposed and became so popular that the american people would not let it go. >> and the issue here, matt take it any direction you choose, all of the democrats voted for it. none of the republicans did. and so who were the forces that unite on the right? or right of center or a round the conservative side in opposition? or perhaps in stronger doubt than before based on what they w
document. american spies tapping into phones of world leaders. in a phone call to president obama, merkel said it will be a breach of trust if it is confirmed. she said a spy among friends does not work. obama apparently apologized and claimed to have no prior knowledge. but, a newspaper goes to suggest he actually encouraged the bugging of merkel's phone. leaked documents show that her number was on the nsa watchlist from 2002 to, three years before she became chancellor. comment from the former french prime minister said he never expected america to go this far. >> we knew that some practices were existing. as such a system, this came as a surprise. what we are seeing today is the incredible privileges of the u.s. administration over the control of the world system. we know the u.s. by controlling the financial system through the banking and government, through the dollar currency as a reserve currency. but controlling the internet and information, it is a monopoly. if we are going in the same direction, confrontation may be. >> explanations for washington. france and germany as pushing
extension until march 31st for americans to sign up for obama care and avoid penalties. now, the extension was expected since h.h.s. said they planned to do it as technical problems continue to plague the web site. also tonight, many young americans, they are laughing at obama care. so what makes you think they would buy insurance on the exchanges if they are busy laughing at it and, if they don't, you tell me, where are we going to get the money? >> we're probably just overloaded with traffic, millions of americans are visiting, which is great news. unfortunately, the site was only designed to handle six users at a time. >> secretary sebelius and her comments, she is already the laughing stock of america. >> i have a number of friendly tips to help you deal with those technical problems. for example, have you tried restarting your computer? >> why didn't she know that the president's signature legislation was, in fact, in trouble? >> the incompetence in building this web site is staggering. >> we don't need the government running our healthcare. >> he has lost considerable
documents indicating that just six americans enrolled for obama care on day one of its launch and less than 250 by day two. we'll get new reaction from the white house straight ahead. right now they said it's not official but they to come from the administration and notes that they were taking. last night we asked you to post your obama care experiences on our facebook page, or send us a tweet @megynkelly. we got almost 1,000 responses right away. i read tweets. a mother discovered her cadillac plan a high cost insurance policy with top of the line benefits was just cancelled. now the president said only the bad plans would be going away. remember frank pallone, the lousy ones. was it lousy? >> megyn, miss somers didn't just like her plan but it was a savior. his medical bills topped a million dollars. of that she paid $1500. when her husband's employer stopped paying their insurance she kept the same company, the same plan and paid the premiums herself. not a substandard plan like the president says but a cadillac plan. then she gets a letter from high mark blue cros
as the president's opponents contend. the white house says americans underinsured will be better off with obama care. >>> we move on to a milestone for countless families across the east coast. it's been one year since super storm sandy hit, changing landscapes and lives. these pictures tell the story. devastation on the jersey shore, that's seaside heights then and today those homes standing strong. in brick, new jersey, there was then, some progress now but still so much work to do. our team is back in the storm zone tonight. we begin with ginger zee. >> holy -- look at this. oh my god, it's washing everything away. >> reporter: swallowed, in the horrific floods, the fires. the remorseless waves and wind. >> oh, my gosh, look at that. this is all ocean coming over here. the storm surges, the tide is coming up. >> reporter: at least 117 lives lost. 650,000 homes damaged or destroyed. even today, from the air, it is a coastline only slowly coming back. >> so you can see going along the shore some homes still being rebuilt. some condemned. right here, a new house is going in. this time last year
says president barack obama has known for years that american agents were eavesdropping on chancellor angela merkel for the last three years. this contradicts reports that obama had told merkel he didn't know. citing a u.s. intelligence worker involved in the spying operation, he said nsa chief keith alexander informed obama in person about the surveillance in 2010. the paper quoted the source as saying that obama did not stop the operation back then, but let it continue. the article said they increased the surveillance to include the contents of merkel's text messages. the agency then started tapping a new, supposedly bug-proof cell phone she acquired this past summer. media reports say obama apologized to merkel when she called him on wednesday. the president told merkel he would have stopped the bugging had he known about it. specs spokespersons for the nsa have denied the allegations. the agency said in a statement in beijing on sunday that nsa chief alexander never had talks with president obama about its spying activities on people, including merkel in 2010. a german weekly maga
of millions of americans for the past three years. >> one female lawmaker mocked an obama care provision that would include maternity coverage for men. >> to the best of your knowledge, has a man ever delivered a baby? >> the gentlelady's time has expired. >> and another said obama care is taking away personal choice. >> some people like to drive a ford, not a ferrari. and some people like to drink out of a red solo cup, not a crystal stem. >> there's clearly a belief among republicans that at some point and after some cost, the website will be functional, so critics are taking aim at weaknesses of the actual law. >> mike, thank you. president obama finds himself in a difficult place tonight. both physically and politically. in a city concerned much more about a possible world series championship, the president hoped to capitalize on the public's selective memory by comparing his disastrous health care rollout to the one of his vanquishled 2012 opponent. >> the president went to boston to draw a parallel between his signature health care plan and the massachusetts version he said it was
millions of americans phone record. >>> the obama administration is granting a six-week extension to americans who want to sign. for obama care coverage. the new deadline is march 13st and extended because the website has a number of problems. we are told the website is back up and running now. >>> when it comes to terrorism the future looks frightening. cnn obtaining a sobering new report that reveals casualty and attacks are on the rise. as chris lawrence reports, there is no end in sight to that troubling trend. >> reporter: it's not your imagination. terrorists are launching more attacks like this deadly assault on a nairobi mall. and it's likely the world will see even more violence next year. cnn obtained exclusive access to an upcoming report from stark, a group that tracks terrorism around the world. it found there were 69% more terrorist attacks in 2012 than the year before. there was an 89% jump in deaths and with well over 5,000 attacks through june of this year, the future looks even deadlier. >> i expect we will see that reflected in even more violence in 2013 and eac
. americans may not be able to keep their healthcare plans under the obama care. they have known this since 2010. kelly wright joins us now from washington with more on the huge blow to americans. >> good morning to you. the affordable care act continues to prove problematic. the president always promised if you already had health insurance you could keep your plan no matter what. now it turns out it is a promise that can be broken and likely will. there are some existing healthcare plans that people do have that don't qualify for obama care. they are pushing legislation to help consumers keep their current plan. it is causing critics to lash out at the president after lengthening the enrollment period to avoid 6 weeks to avoid fines. >> this is a law the president continues to revisit the law, he continues to make changes. this is a time to give every american an opportunity to delay it a year. >> the president still saying wd to sign up for it. >> you lack at the number of young people who want health insurance who are having trouble affording it. secretary kathleen seb beal why yous will
that millions of americans would not be able to keep their health insurance. one of president obama's key selling points for his new health care law. >> if you got health insurance, it doesn't mean a government takeover. you keep your own insurance. if you like your plan you can keep your plan. >> but four sources deeply involved in the affordable care act tells nbc news between 50% and 75% of americans can expect a cancellation letter over the next year. that's because their existing policies don't meet the standards mandated by the new health care law. 2010 obama care regulations also cite a normal turnover in the insurance market. the white house is pushing back on nbc's investigation. deputy press secretary tweeting, quote that's a, not new and b, not caused by aca. for more head to the obama administration granted a six week delay. >>> now the u.s. spy games around the world. president obama is now calling for programs monitoring our allies to stop but new complaints allege the nsa also tapped international private citizens. nbc's tracie potts joins us live from washingt
of yahoo! and google. a new blow to barack obama's signature health-care reform after the troubled rollout of the website, announcing some americans already insured could lose the policies they have. and french football players threatened to go on strike over plans for a new super tax on the richest people in france. let's aw at this hour, star with the latest leak from former nsa contractor edward snowden. says theington post" national security agency has been hacking be data links that connect google and yahoo! around the world. laways the agency skirt the by collecting data from millions of local web users via underwater fiber-optic cables. kate moody explains. >> world leaders, foreign citizens, and internet giants, the latest victims of the national security agency's surveillance programs according to intelligence linked by edward snowden. the nsa has admitted to the program to access internet user accounts but described new reports that infiltrated yahoo! and google databases as factually incorrect. breakings not an essay into any databases. it would be illegal for us to do that. --
to this quick. this will put bob in a better mood. take a look at this. americans on obama care overall eliminate 52%, bob, are dissatisfied with this and say it needs to be completely eliminated or overhauled. vaporize it. >> i'm surprised it's given that low. >> the disinformation we're spreading about this incredible achievement. >> put the poll up one more second. 6% people are satisfied. this is what they're doing. were they no better -- 94% don't think it's working well. >> that's carney and others that logged on. >> they're pushing for the single payer system that we all know it. i think they have said it. >> they should stop calling it single payer. it's government medicine. they're so good at this. >> if they can ever log on or get it to work. that's the problem. >> that's what sucks, social security is my money being taken. i don't want to do it. >> it was supposed to be an antipoverty program for the elderly. it's turned into more. >> say let them eat candy. >> i've never eat on this show. i'm eating chocolate. >> obama care got you down. >> greg, i don't want you to be cran
's ugliest men? and does president obama want to force every american to buy roller blades? the white house won't say either way. >> i am not going to get into the alleged activities. >> and finally, alcatraz, tourist attraction or secret home to a giant squid bent on destroying san francisco? none of these stories on "red eye" tonight. >> and now let's welcome our guests. i am here
americans really need obama care. chris wallace brings together two experts with very different opinions. listen. >> they don't need the federal government telling them what they need to get. many people -- >> remember the individual -- >> let him finish, please. >> they're perfectly happy with. you'll hear stories all over the country of people who had perfectly fine coverage today. they're going to lose it. >> wait a second, the individual market, before obama care, insurance companies could throw you off when you got a disease. >> that's what we're talking about. >> that's the comparison. >> let me finish. >> let me finish. >> you asked him a question. let him finish. >> wow, joining me now, chris wallace. hey, chris, we haven't seen one like that in a little while. who won? >> well, we report, you decide. you'll have to see it. i have to tell you, it's exactly what i hoped for and expected. just so you know who the players are, dr. emanuel, ezequikiel emanu emanuel, rahm emanuel's brother, one of the architects of obama care. in 2009 and 2010, was instrumental in putting all of this
president obama to keep that promise that he made to millions of americans. we can't protect them all. the only way we can honor that promise for every american is to repeal the healthcare law. but for millions of americans, they actually would be able to keep the healthcare plan that they actually like. we would give them that freedom that president obama and the healthcare law is taking away from millions of americans. >> two promises, one is that those plans a lot of people want to so-called keep they don't exist anymore. the insurance companies are just booth them out so you really can't have the plan that you want. >> they could reintroduce those easily. >> you can't enforce the insurance companies to offer them again. >> they certainly. would the mrkt place would certainly allow that part of the problem with the new plans have additional man datsz so their cost is being driven up which is the other promise in terms of lowering the -- bending the cost curve down. that also is a broken promise by this president. >> the other problem fors i tooa look at a couple they are junk polic
americans grow very frustrated with the obama care rollout, a recently uncovered government report shows white house officials knew all along that millions of americans would lose coverage. this week, one lawmaker raised the issue on the house floor. >> obama care train wreck continues. in 2009, president obama promised if you like your health care plan, you can keep it. it still promises that on the white house website and on the website, if and when you can get on that website. >> joining me is that republican congressman andy harris from maryland. he serves on the house appropriations committee, the subcommittee, he's also a physician and member of the doctor's caucus. congressman, thanks for being with us. that promise, the president made, it always seemed impossible and yet he kept saying it over and over again hundreds of times. now we have this documented proof that all along his administration knew that what he was saying was untrue. i want to put it up on the screen. here are their predictions. this is the federal register june 17th 2010. they predicted 45% of big
is expected to tell the american people the implementation of obama care may have been rocky, but it will be worth it. in washington, i'm danielle lee, nbc news. >>> well, still to come, uber is getting a whole lot of criticism as its national cat day event was not meeting expectations. we will explain coming up. >>> plus, a strange smell coming out of some computers people are blaming it on the family pet. we'll look into this coming up in business and tech. >>> i'm bob riddell. we'll go inside the oracle areason wra. we're just hours away from tipoff from the golden state warriors, versus the los angeles lakers. sell-out crowd. that preview coming up. >> swoosh. good morning to you. i'm meteorologist christina loren. now, temperatures are climbing nicely. i'll show you who fell below the freezing mark earlier this morning, and what's in store for your trick-or-treating forecast. that's all krip when nbc bay area news at 11:00 comes right back. to those who've waited... worried... poked and prodded... taken risks... and lived in a state of "what if?"... welcome to a new stat
. >> almost 50 million americans lacked coverage before obama care. and it was fabulous? when you're desperate for the president to fail, you really will do and say anything. well, we're not going to fall for it or let them get away with it. joining me now is congressman jim mcdermott democrat from washington and msnbc contributor goldie taylor. thank you to both of you for joining me. >> thank you. >> good to be here. >> congressman, some republicans want to pretend coverage in america used to be fabulous. i mean, how do you deal with that? >> well, you know, al, it's really tough when they want to argue with their -- they make up their own facts. if you look at the numbers out of the world health organization or you look out of any set of numbers about where the united states ranks, we do not have the best health care system in the country. we have access to the best if you have money. if you have insurance. but if you don't have insurance, you don't have preventive care. you don't have anything until you're suddenly in the emergency room in a dire mess. and that's what america is really all
major policy differences with president obama on about everything. i mean, i believe in american exceptional sxichl standing strong with israel and lower taxes and decentralization of federal government to lower level and sanctity of human live and less regulation and taxation and lidigation. and president obama he can't be blamed for a economy that is killing for the mitted class or broken promiseless for taxes going up for people making 200,000 or coping your health plan or doctor or dismal standing in the eyes of the nation of the world. even our friends are spitting mad at us. it turns out it is not his fault. because he didn't know anything about it. any of it. >> it is not manage i have followed closely. but we don't know. i am not familiar. he indicated he was not aware of what was happening in fast and furious. certainly i was not. >> i mean, i don't know. there was a lot development of the website. i don't know. >> nobody understood what was taking place. >> we don't have independent knowledge. he found in the nows report. >> i first learned about it in the same news re
?" like many americans, this is a person that actually believed president obama when he promised that if you like the insurance you had, you could keep it. now she's learned that under the president's health care law, that it's not just a web site. it is a broken promise. it turns out that if the white house likes your plan, then you can keep it. if the white house doesn't like your plan, then you're out of luck. you can't keep it. yesterday the obama administration finally admitted that millions of people across the country will lose their insurance. now we know all of these ways that the president's health care law is more than a failed web site. so the big question now is, what don't we know yet? what is still out there that the american people don't know about the health care law? how much worse are things going to get before the white house admits that the entire law is broken? we've seen one headline after another about problems with the health care law that the obama administration knew about -- knew about, mr. president -- and would not admit. one revelation after another
. president obama said if americans like their substandard plans they could have kept them, for those who have seen their plans disappear, president obama blames the insurance companies tor cancelling those policies, and encourages them to find better obamacare insurance. >> if you are getting one of these letters, just shop around in the new marketplace, that is what it's for. most people are going to be able to get better comprehensive health care plans for the same price or cheaper than projected. you better deal. >> reporter: republicans say that presidentiall lied when he selled proposal and americans largely cannot keep their bare-bones insurance plans. gerri: rich thank you. we appreciate your time. kathleen sebelius sat in front of the house panel for three and a half long hours today, joining me now, tom miller, author of why obamacare is wrong for america, you were in the hearing what did you make? >> i thought there was a lot less of the grandstanding you see. i was struck by the depth and scope and bredth of the problems of the exchanges. gerri: they were all over the place from te
it. and neither are a lot of americans who need health care. >> and the troubled rollout of obama care and the recent government shutdown has hurt the president's standing. his approval rating is falling five points in less than three weeks to 42%. the lowest level of his presidency. obama's likability is dropping, only 41% now view him positively versus 45% that are negative. joef all, 70% of americans say the u.s. is headed on the wrong track. >>> and america is out with its semi anlul currency report. once again, the treasury stops short of labelling china a manipulator. it says the u.n. is still undervalued, but recent appreciation is for the economy. it says the country's dependance on exports is hurting economic stability in europe and the global economy. the treasury says germany should focus more on boosting domestic growth. >>> as for the agenda today, stateside weekly jobless claims are out at 8:30 eastern. 10:00 a.m., we get the october chicago pmi. conco philips and exxon mobil report before the opening bell. reporting earnings in europe, french based profits tumbling
of taxpayer dollars. american people need to be reimbur reimbursed. >> thank you. we'll see you tomorrow. >> more problems for obama care in the great northwest. an alaska company is giving up trying to enroll people. can the numbers still add up if people check out? lou dobbes is host of fox business network. wol start with enroll alaska, it was designed to help people enroll in obama care, but they say they have given up because there is a problem with the subsidy calculator and there is another organization in washington state, i think it is the state exchange is also having a math problem with the calculator on the web site. are these just glitches or a national problem. >> the national term is using glitches to talk about fundmental issues and problems and failures on health and in the case of enroll alaska, when obama care rolled out, they have enrolled three folks in obama care. in the case of the washington exchange, they like alaska enroll alaska, can't get an accurate number on the number or the amount of the subsidy available to those who want to enroll. it is a mass
and medicaid services in charge of implementing obama care told americans who have struggled with the website that she's sorry. >> i want to apologize to you that the website has not worked as well as it should. >> reporter: republicans grilled marilyn tavenner about americans on the current insurance market that have seen their coverage canceled or modified. more than a million so far. >> you have no idea? >> reporter: when they pressed her for a number, she kept a script. >> we'll have those numbers available mid-november. mid-november. mid-november. mid-november. >> reporter: president obama will be in boston promoting obama care later today and competing for headlines with his health and human services secretary. he will be, kate, at faneuil hall, which mitt romney signed the massachusetts health care reform program into law. >> pretty interesting imagery. >> exactly. >>> let's move to the spyingen xadle that's rocking the nsa. testifying on capitol hill, top intelligence official said tracking foreign leaders, even allies, is a fundamental given. he said other countries absolutely spy on
42% of americans approve of the president's job performance while 51% disapprove, but president obama is not backing down on obama care. he's just wrapped up a visit to boston where he fronted an impassioned rally in defense of his health care, hardline, no backing down and he gave no quarter and importantly, no delay. that's what he seems to be against and the president is most insistent and defiant against criticses of obama care. take a listen. >> nobody's losing their right to health care coverage, and no insurance company will ever be able to deny you coverage or drop you as a customer altogether. those days are over and that's the truth. that is the truth. >> all right. we'll get to fact checking in just a minute. the president was in boston because he wanted to use romney care as an example of a slow starting, but successful health care reform law. listen to this one. >> and by the way, all the -- all the parade of horribles, the worst predictions about health care reform in massachusetts never came true. >> all right. now cnbc had a special producer fact-checking the president
. >> what obama care is doing right now is undermining and really tearing apart private insurance companies. >> oh, yeah, and then doing such a great job, michelle. they were bankrupting american corporation. american corporations complain about the high cost of health care under those pry vatd insurance companies. >> go ahead, michelle. >> look, what they're doing is they're choking them, like kim said. they're doing it through red tape, through regulations. that's not what we need right now. we need -- what's going to happen is we're going to see employers drop tons of people into the exchanges and then we're just going to see what we're seeing in europe. >> oh, yes. is that what you say about social security, medicare, you don't like any of it. >> that's another topic. we'll do that next week. we've got to go right now. john, first topic next block. >>> coming up, after years of avoiding it, the mainstream media finally sounding the alarm about obama care. why that could be the best news we've heard in years. [ male announcer ] progresso's so passionate about its new tomato florentine so
about what the nsa does with regards to american communication and president obama repeatedly misled the public. in all sorts of ways, without warrants, the nsa is frequently monitoring the communication of american citizens. that is a major part of the scandal and article after article has proven that. >> some of the things that ed snowden reported, let me read from the "washington post." in the preceding 30 days, the report said, field collectors had processed and sent back 181 million new records, including met a data indicating who sent e-mails as well as content and text. these are mind-boggling revelations. >> let me just ask any journalist or viewer who is listening to this whether or not, when thinking about mr. snowden, they would prefer to have remained ignorant about all the things they have learned that their own government is doing to their privacy and their communications completely in the dark and with no accountability. even if you're somebody who believes you want a state that collects everybody's communications which is a daunting thing. but if you believe that, sho
couple of years are horrible. some of the things said about president obama are horrible. ike he's a christian, i think he's an american. i disagree with him on probably 99% of the things he wants to but you can have a civil discussion when you have these things. when you go outside the lines, it doesn't help, not even a little bit. >> chip, daniella, good to see both of you. thank you. >>> if you read only one thing this morning, such an interesting story in "the new york times" about bullying. when should parents stay out of it and when do they get involved? let me take a premise from the article and you can tell me what you think. the author wrote, quote, when one of my sons was being pushed around by a bigger kid in middle school he popped the kid back and that was the end of it. while i wasn't aware of the situation until afterward, there have been times that i counselled them to do just that, hit the jerk back and shut him up. is that good advice? check out my must read and let me know. you guys are saying,dale wrote retaliation in any situation of assault, verbal or physic
' leadership the obama administration will not tell us how many americans have tried to sign up for obamacare or how many have actually signed up for obamacare or what level of insurance they've purchased or in what zip code they live. not only can they not tell us, they've done their best to keep us from finding out. with wicki leaks and edward snowden spilling our beans every day what's happening on the exchanges is the best-kept secret in washington, d.c. the national security agency could learn something from secretary sebelius. today i will ask consent to approve a six-page bill i introduced yesterday to require the the administration to answer these questions every week. secretary sebelius is not responsible for enacting obamacare, but she has been responsible for three and a half years for implementing it. now many americans have only a few weeks to purchase new insurance or be without health insurance. to expect the secretary to correct in a few weeks what she's not been able to do in three and a half years is unrealistic. mr. president, it's time for the president to ask the secretar
over and over again. now, in fact for about 15 million americans who have individual health insurance, that's not true. right now, individual policy holders are getting letters from their insurance companies, in some cases canceling coverage, offering new obama care, compliant policies that cover more and may also cost more. even though many will be getting federal monies. it's not quite the same as saying nothing will change. that with president obama is making that promise. he knew it, it seems, jim acosta at the white house. jim, how do you know we know he knew that? >> what the president is really talking about is the vast majority of americans who already receive their health care through their employer, through medicare, medicaid, through the v. about 5% of the insurance market do get their coverage on the individual market. and that those people are being affected. they don't deny that. but they do say that the president was not misleading people when he made that claim. he was just talking about the vast majority of americans when he was making that claim repeatedly. here's ho
one time political rival, former governor mitt romney. the white house has said mr. obamas main message today will be to be patient. >> ok. we'll see if americans listen to that. >> let's bring in randall pinkton joining us from washing top. is there any indication how the secretary will handle the questions today if it turns hostile? >> we expect that it will be turning hostile. that's a fairly good certainty. she's expected to give more of an explanation about what is being done, the specifics about the plan, the hiring of the technical experts, who are trying to fix the problems with the website. of course, she will probably also apologize, but we are expecting that secretary see bellous will be much more defensive in her responses, rather than yesterday. yesterday was the apology, today, what they're doing to fix it. >> we're hearing a lot in the last few days about americans receiving notices that they will not be renewed next year for their health care insurance. can we expect specifics today from secretary sebelius? >> not quite sure how many specifics we're going to get
are worried that more and more americans will be angered when they learn about the real costs of obama care and that they may lose their doctors. but the big story is this. because of the obama care failure, president obama's entire second-term agenda is now in serious jeopardy. just listen to what mitt romney had to say on "meet the press." >> i think that fundamental dishonesty has really put in peril the whole foundation of his second term. i think the key thing that the president is trying to get away from, and that is that he told people he could keep their insurance, and that was not the truth. and whether you like the model of obama care or not, the fact that the president sold it on a basis that was not true has undermined the foundation of his second term. i think it's rotting it away. >> all right. so is mitt romney right on "meet the press"? is president obama's second term rotting away? and is obama care busting him the way he thought he was going to bust the gop for the 2014 midterms? how things change. all right. we are pleased to be joined tonight by bill kristol, he's founde
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